Design a bird for Coldfall Woods competition 2012

On our woodland fun day in October we asked talented local children to design a special bird for the woods and these are the competition winners! All chosen winners receive a book token. Well done to all who took part!

Winner (Ages 18 months – 4)

Beth, Age 3

Judge’s Comments: “This was a really imaginative piece on green paper, which seemed to capture the fields, woods and what was going on that day, together with a bird for the wood.”

Winner (Ages 5 – 8)

Ella Whittaker, Age 6

Judge’s Comments: “A superb example of an exotic and colourful bird, complete with tree, she really got the brief and obviously spent allot of time on it – a superb piece of work by a little girl who obviously loves drawing and painting.”

Winner (Ages 9 and above)

Arjun, Age 11

Judge’s Comments: “A very colourful and expressive bird, with amazing feather features, standing on a branch and looking like it is sqwarking – there is sky, leaves and a red sun – a marvellous piece of expressive work which would be my overall winner and mascot for the wood’s own bird”.

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