Footpath update

Haringey have recently secured £3K to improve the paths in Coldfall Wood, focussing on the muddy areas by the bridges and boardwalks but also the drainage issues on the new path at Lover’s Lawn.

The key areas for improvement are the muddy slopes either side of the first bridge downstream of the reed beds. TCV are planning to build a short boardwalk extension to the bridge and lay new lengths of footpath here.

At the other bridges they will be digging out the mud at either end and laying a geo-textile fabric down before relaying with stone as before.

The new small boardwalk will benefit from a new length of footpath to counter the large area of mud which has been making its use unattractive.

At Lover’s Lawn a narrow 30m channel will be dug and back filled with pea gravel to intercept the run-off which is flowing from the allotment/cemetery side. Water from the drain will be re-directed under the path in a pipe to soak away toward the Wood. All works will be covered over with turf/earth removed in excavation.

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