Enjoy the wood, don’t destroy it

To the people who think building bike ramps in Coldfall Wood is acceptable.

Digging bike ramps exposes tree roots and kills trees. Fast.

Don’t kill our trees. We all need them for our physical and mental well being. This is an ancient woodland that has survived for hundreds of years. It is also a protected nature reserve. Now, as we all need space to exercise safely, this wood is under increased pressure from the footfall alone. We are trying to take measures to ensure the wood survives. It has to be respected and protected by us for future generations.

Building bike ramps in the wood is criminal damage.

This is not a bike playground but an ancient woodland. If you are building ANYTHING in the wood, please stop.

If you spot anyone building anything, or causing any damage, please report it to us AND to the police. See our contact page for more information on this.

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