Sad news

Haringey Council have today removed ten trees in the Wood next to 92 Creighton Avenue. A further four older trees are marked up to be felled.

Haringey have said they have no choice but to remove the trees to mitigate a claim by AXA insurance company that the trees are implicated in causing subsidence.

The Friends of Coldfall Wood and Muswell Hill Playing Fields strongly disagree with this position. It is far too easy for insurance companies to insist trees are removed as a first step instead of a last resort.

Some of you will have signed our petition last year to try and save these trees – an incredible 68,000 people signed, showing how much we care about trees and understand their importance in providing habitats and in storing carbon.

Haringey Council say they are intent on planting thousands of trees in the Borough and yet are prepared to remove established trees in an Ancient Woodland designated as a nature reserve.

The Friends still hope to protect the remaining four trees – watch this space…

Ten down.
Four to go…?

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