Fires and BBQs!!!!

Unbelievably, people have been lighting fires and barbecues in the Woods and most recently on the playing field right next to the Woods!

We have seen the terrifying forest fires in other countries and a huge grass fire in Rammey Marsh in Enfield in the last couple of days. It is easy to imagine what would happen if a fire got out of control here, with a little bit of wind sweeping the fire across the dried out grass or through the trees….

Dropped matches, cigarette butts and even broken glass can accidentally start a fire.

Luckily, this time an observant and quick-thinking dog walker contacted the Fire Brigade who put the fire out and explained the dangers to the people who lit it.

Haringey is going to put up more signs to say No Fires.

Please be alert and if you see or smell fire in the Woods or on the Fields, don’t hesitate to call 999.

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