Meetings and more

The Friends and friends of the Friends did another litter pick last Monday evening. As the nights draw in we may not be able to continue our monthly efforts but hopefully people will use the nice new bins provided!

Frustratingly every time our TCV colleagues make log piles for insects and wildlife to call home, they are dismantled. Even more worryingly some people have been lighting fires. If you do see a fire in the Wood, don’t hesitate to call the fire brigade.

The Friends had some interesting meetings with Haringey Council over the Summer. Some of you may have met our lovely Parks Project Officer Alistair Smith who was a fan of the Wood and kept a close eye on what was needed, doing practical tasks himself as well as organising maintenance and repairs. Sadly he has now left the Council and a replacement is being recruited.

We met with the Principal Arboriculture Officer to talk about the group of trees on Creighton Avenue threatened with the chop. He is to report to us shortly on the outcome of an independent engineer’s review but we think our next step is to lobby AXA, the insurance company demanding the destruction of the trees.

The Nature Conservation Officer met with Friends to discuss the Council’s proposed Conservation Action Plan and MKA Ecology have been surveying all 59 of Haringey’s Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) including Coldfall Wood.

We were also delighted that Mike Hakata, the new Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and the Climate Emergency accepted our invitation to visit the Wood and Muswell Hill Playing Fields. He was enthusiastic about what he saw and seems really committed to preserving and improving Haringey’s green spaces.

In other news we are hoping to organise a couple of Autumn guided walks – watch this space for more details.

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